GRASYS mobile nitrogen stations with water heating system

25 November 2010

GRASYS offers its Customers nitrogen stations with a built-in water heating system.

Normally, GRASYS equips its mobile stations with an electric heating system, because in most cases this is a very convenient and simple way of heating such mobile nitrogen facilities. Where the Customer needs a ready-to-operate nitrogen station and have available external heat supply networks and the opportunity for connecting GRSYS nitrogen system thereto, we propose to install our water heating system which in this case will be more economically effective.

Such water heating system was implemented in the GRASYS mobile nitrogen station supplied to OJSC Surgutneftegaz as part of a recent contract.

The nitrogen produced will be used for purging equipment at the “Gas Compression and Treatment Plant in the vicinity of Rogozhskoe Field CPF”. The capacity of the GRASYS nitrogen station is 50 cubic meters of 99.7% nitrogen.

Water heating system implemented in the GRASYS mobile nitrogen station

Water heating system implemented in the GRASYS mobile nitrogen station

The nitrogen station supplied will include the following parts: Membrane gas separation unit, air compressors, control system GRASYS Intellegent Control-7, air receiver, air treatment system. The station will be supplied completely ready to operate installed in a block-container with the overall dimensions of 12,200×2,440×2,590 mm.

GRASYS mobile stations are fitted with the compressors of the European and US leading producers, which helps guarantee longevity and reliability of both the compressors and the station as a whole. The station key assembly is the membrane gas separation unit optimally designed to ensure quick warm up to the required operation mode and stability of the guaranteed technical specifications.

The station supplied as well as all the equipment produced under the GRASYS trademark is fitted with the company advanced intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7. The system allows for efficient automatic, manual and remote operation, with monitoring and filing process parameters. GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 system operates in various industrial networks, including Internet.

Due to the use of advanced design solutions, GRASYS nitrogen stations combine small footprint and high capacity, being energy efficient, reliable and simple in operation. The operating temperature range of the stations is −50 °C to +50 °C. 


The oil producing company Surgutneftegaz is one of the largest players in the Russian oil industry. Its operations account for some 13% of the domestic oil production and 25% of gas output produced by the Russian oil companies. For many years, the company has been holding its leadership in the field of exploratory drilling and new production wells commissioning.

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