GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen station for a section of the Urengoi-Center 1 gas pipeline

25 April 2011

GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen station for a section of the Urengoi-Center 1 gas pipeline

As part of a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied a mobile nitrogen station for LLC Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk. The station is designed for gas pipeline and process equipment purging and cleaning at the Lyalinskaya CS of the Urengoi-Center 1 gas pipeline.

The station capacity is 600 cubic meters of 95% nitrogen per hour. The pressure is 10 atmospheres.

The station supplied is specially developed for nitrogen production in the Far North. The station is equipped with the diesel engine driven compressor, the gas separation unit and the air treatment unit. The station is fitted with the automated fire alarm and fire fighting systems and nitrogen leakage control systems.

The main part of the MVA station determining its operating efficiency is the new-generation membrane gas separation unit designed by GRASYS. Due to the advanced design solutions, the membrane unit has the optimal weight and dimensional characteristics, facilitates easy reconfiguration and ensures ultimate performance reliability of MVA stations.

Due to the use of the up-to-date intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 used on GRASYS-branded equipment only, the station allows efficient automatic, manual and remote operation, monitoring and archiving process parameters relevant to the customer.

GRASYS is the only Russian scientific and production enterprise with the unique 10-year experience in manufacture of mobile nitrogen stations finding broad use in gas industry.

GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen station for a section of the Urengoi-Center 1 gas pipeline

Nitrogen stations are used: during testing of gas trunk-line linear part and pipeline system purging; testing and repairs of process equipment of complex gas treatment plant, compressor station (CS) and booster compressor station (BCS). The use of nitrogen equipment in process vessels allows generation of phlegmatizing concentration assuring safety of scheduled maintenance and repair operations. Nitrogen also is widely used for inerting tanks (“nitrogen breathing”) containing hydrocarbon products and their derivatives, thus maintaining the inert gas mix preventing fire outbreak.

The use in GRASYS nitrogen stations of compressor equipment and instrumentation of the Europe and USA leading producers, the up-to-date intelligent control system combined with the perfect design of the GRASYS gas separation unit ensures exceptional reliability of the nitrogen station, guaranteed achievement of required technical characteristics and its serviceability.

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