Grasys Manufacturing Facility in Domodedovo

Grasys places special emphasis on product quality. Nitrogen and oxygen units and plants, medical oxygen concentrators and other types of equipment are fabricated at Domodedovo manufacturing facility located in the Moscow region, which includes production shops, storage premises, utility area, office space, a research-and-development laboratory.

R&P Co. Grasys manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art test benches to check and improve membrane cartridges, air separation systems based on various gas separation technologies. Test benches have been developed by R&P Co. Grasys and are unrivaled throughout Europe.

R&P Co. Grasys primary objectives include ensuring good workmanship, continual development of process engineering approaches and scientific research that are instrumental in manufacturing high-tech equipment, implementing major integrated projects providing the customer with as efficient cost benefit as possible.

A List of Shops and Work Performed

Gas separation module assembly
Electric cabinet assembly
A List of Shops and Work Performed
Fitting and assemblywork
Welding and assembly work
Unit and Container Plant Workshop (CPW)
Packaged modular equipment assembly shop
Generator and unit assembly shop
Pre-work shop
Container Plant Workshop (CPW)
Mechanical work
Electrical work
Steel work semi-automatic welding
Pipeline arc welding
Painting work
Assembly work

Domodedovo Manufacturing Facility to Be Found at: 11 Promyshlennaya ul., Domodedovo, Moscow region

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