A colorless and non-toxic gas without sense and smell, nitrogen naturally exists as a non-flammable gas at normal pressure and temperatures. This gas is a little lighter than air, and its concentration increases with the altitude increment. By cooling to the boiling point, the gas turns into a colorless liquid, which at certain pressure and temperature becomes a colorless solid crystalline substance. Nitrogen is slightly soluble in water and most other liquids, and a poor electricity and heat conductor.

Most applications of this gas are determined by its inert properties. However, at high pressures and temperatures it reacts with several active metals, such as lithium and magnesium, yielding nitrides, as well as with certain gases, such as oxygen and hydrogen.

Main Application

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Nitrogen is used for the generation of inert environment to allow avoiding interaction of chemical substances with oxygen, aimed at the provision of process safety. Nitrogen finds application by chemical substances transportation, and ammonia production. There also possible nitrogen applications, such as purging of process tanks and pipelines, drying and regeneration of catalysts.

Oil & Gas

Nitrogen is used in oil production for formation pressure maintenance and product recovery enhancement. This inert gas is widely used for the generation of inert blanket for the purpose of the explosion and fire safety provision by the use of process vessels and by handling operations.

Nitrogen finds application as a means of set pressure maintenance in oil and gas tanks, cleaning of tanks on tank cars and process vessels at LNG storage facilities, as well as for pipelines purging.

Metals Industry

Nitrogen is used for the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals during annealing, as well as in the neutral tempering, relieving, cementing, cyanidation, hard brazing, powder metal sintering, and extrusion matrix cooling.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Nitrogen is used for the protection of storage containers for raw and product materials, transportation of chemical products, and packing of pharmaceuticals


Nitrogen main applications in the electronic industry are the prevention of oxidation by semiconductors and electric circuits production, as well as purging and cleaning.

Glass Industry

In this industry, nitrogen serves as a means of arc furnace electrodes cooling. Besides, it is used for the protection from oxidation in the production process and decreasing air temperature.

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