A colorless gas without smell, oxygen is slightly soluble in water and a little heavier than air. By cooling to -183 °C, oxygen turns into a transparent bluish liquid with the density exceeding that of water. Oxygen reacts with all elements excerpt for inert gases and forms a class of compounds called oxides.

Oxygen is a typical oxidizer: when the gas concentration in the air is 30% or higher, such atmosphere conditions intensive burning of practically all substances. Oxygen provides environment for various metals, nonmetals, and complex compounds burning, such as hydrocarbon, sulfur, magnesium, ferrum, and hydrogen sulfide. These properties predetermined a wide application of the gas in various industries.

Main Applications

Metals gas welding, cutting, and brazing

One of the most important and popular oxygen applications is the performance of gas-flame operations, such as metals welding, cutting, and brazing.

Metals Industry

Oxygen is used for increasing combustion temperature of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which allows significantly enhance production efficiency, as well as for hydrocarbon fixation with the yield of carbon dioxide.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Oxygen is used for oxidation of feed chemical agents with the recovery of nitric acid, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, vinyl chloride, and other chemical compounds.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oxygen is used for the control of oil and gas streams viscosity, enhancement of oil cracking plants productivity, and increasing the efficiency of high-octane components processing, as well as for the reduction of sulfur deposits at refinery facilities.

Fish, shrimps, crabs, and mussels farming

Water enrichment with dissolved oxygen fosters the survival and fertility rate, as well as to significantly reduce the incubation period.

Glass Industry

Oxygen helps to increase furnace temperature and improvement burning processes, which allows increasing the production yield.

Wastes Management

Oxygen is used for incinerators temperature increase resulting in the enhanced cost-effectiveness and productivity of burners.

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