Separated Gases

CJSC GRASYS can effect supply of industrial and technical gases by the following means: delivery of gas in cylinders or delivery of air separation equipment to the Customer. However, taking into account the to-date realities, GRASYS offers its customers an optimal and more sophisticated method of gas supply – the on-site technical gases supply pattern.

The proposed gas supply pattern is arranged as follows: GRASYS installs the plant on the customer site and bears all costs associated with the development, capital construction and installation of plant as well as its operation by highly skilled specialists, and the customer only pays the cost of the gas produced by the plant. The company, therefore, bears full responsibility for the plant serviceability and eliminates the risk of interruption in the required gas supplies.

The on-site gas supply pattern is extremely popular in countries with mature gas markets, since the customer may not only receive gas on the spot, but also achieve a substantial saving of funds: it shall pay for the produced gas only and bears no capital expenses associated with the plant construction and maintenance.

Target product Separated mixture Product mixture Technology
Nitrogen Air, N2 – 79% 90–99% N2, up to 10 000 nm³/hr Membrane
99–99,5% N2, up to 5000 nm³/hr
99,5–99,95% N2, up to 2000 nm³/hr
99,5–99,999% N2, up to 5000 nm³/hr Adsorption PSA
99,9–99,9999% N2, up to 90 000 nm³/hr Cryogenic
Oxygen Air, O2 – 21% 23–45% O2, up to 5000 nm³/hr Membrane
93–95% O2, up to 500 nm³/hr Adsorption PSA
93–95% O2,  500 to 3000 nm³/hr Adsorption FPSA
97–99,9% O2, up to 30 000 nm³/hr Cryogenic
Dry gas Gas,
relative humidity 100%
Dewpoint – up to −40 °C, up to 100 nm³/hr Membrane
Dewpoint – up to −70 °C, up to 10 000 nm³/hr Adsorption
Natural gas Natural gas,
relative humidity 100%
Dewpoint – up to −60 °C, up to 1000 nm³/hr Membrane
Hydrogen 25–70% H2 up to 99,9% H2
25–99,99% H2 up to 99,9995% H2 Adsorption
Methane 25–75% CH4 up to 95% CH4 Membrane
up to 99% ÑH4 Adsorption
(N3+ concentration)
Associated and natural gas Membrane
(H2S and CO2 removal)
Natural gas
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