Automatic control system

The ACS applied for plant control according to the preset algorithm, parameters check, protection against emergency operation modes, communication of the state of mechanisms and transfer of station condition data to the supremal. The compressor units are fitted with programmable controller-based automatics providing for:

  • Remote startup and shutdown of the compressor;
  • Measuring gas pressure and temperature at compressor inlet and outlet;
  • Monitoring of pressure and temperature of oil in the lubricating oil system;
  • Immediate shutdown of the compressor unit in case of fire detected;
  • Automated maintenance of the outlet gas pressure;
  • Maintaining the preset temperature in the containerized module;
  • Interlocking of motor startup and shutdown in emergencies and in case of incompliance of compressor unit process parameters to the preset;
  • Functional connection with the supremal ACS (according to the approved protocol);
  • Archiving of compressor unit performance parameters.

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Automatic control systemAutomatic control system
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