Gas dryer

low-pressure gas dryer is applied for purification and adsorption dehydration of gas at the compressor unit inlet.

Dehydration is intended for application in low-pressure gas lines. Gas dehydration is carried out in a two-cycle system: a dehydration cycle and a regeneration cycle. Regeneration is carried out with the hot air with the aid of a special heating module.

Inlet gas dryer

Parameter Value
Mounting location Upstream the CU after the inlet filters
Max.operating pressure in adsorbers 1,6 MPa (16 kgf/cm²)
Max. flow rate 3 000 m³/h
Moisture content after dehydration Max. 0,009 g/nm

Outlet gas dryer

The high-pressure dryer is applied for dehydration of the highly (~250 kgf/cm2) compressed natural gas. Adsorbent is regenerated by heated gas in a closed loop, with the aid of a vacuum pump.

The dryer mounting point — at the compressor outlet. The gas dryer can be additionally fitted with a hygrometer with readings displayed at the operator station in the control room.

Control of the gas dryer is automated.

Parameter Value
Max. operating pressure in adsorbers 24,5 MPa (250 kgf/cm²)
Max. flow rate Up to 3 000 m³/h
Moisture content after dehydration Max. 0,009 g/nm³

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Gas dryerGas dryerGas dryer
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