Mobile CNG refuellers

Mobile gas refuellers are applied for transportation and storage of the compressed natural gas, fuelling of vehicles and stationary gas storage stations using the natural gas as the motor fuel.

In absence of a gas line, gas is supplied under the «virtual pipeline» principle: the CNG is supplied by mobile gas refuellers, fuelled at a conventional «mother» CNG filling station. Number and specifications of mobile gas refuellers, required for a daughter CNG filling station, are determined by the Client’s needs.

Motor vehicles can be fuelled at a daughter CNG filling station in 2 ways:

  • Directly from a mobile gas refueller without a compressor (not more than 2 vehicles at once);
  • From a mobile gas refueller on the site fitted with a booster compressor and dispensers. The booster compressor speeds up fuelling of the motor vehicles and provides for 90% of gas cylinders discharge.

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Mobile CNG refuellersMobile CNG refuellers
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