Membrane nitrogen plants

Grasys has accumulated the unique more than 15-year experience in the manufacture of membrane plants designed on the basis of customer specific assignments as well as serial membrane nitrogen plants MA.

Grasys membrane nitrogen plants are the most reliable, innovative and long-lasting equipment for nitrogen production.

Due to the testing and computer modeling of Grasys highly effective membrane modules based on new-generation nano-membranes, the plants allow for quick achievement and stable maintenance of guaranteed parameters.

The fitting out of Grasys plants with fully assembled compressors of the leading European and US producers subject to special-program factory testing guaranteeslong-term and successful operation of compressors and plants as a whole.

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Membrane nitrogen plantsMembrane nitrogen plantsMembrane nitrogen plants
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Advantages of Grasys membrane nitrogen plants

  • New-generation gas separation unit
  • State-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intellegent Control-8 with the manual, automatic and remote control options
  • Reliable modern component parts of the world leading producers
  • Opportunity for nitrogen production with the purity reaching 99.9%
  • Minimum operating costs
  • High degree of reliability andfail-safety
  • Small footprint and weight
  • Extended plant operational life

General information

Where it is necessary to produce gaseous nitrogen with the purity of up to 99.9% and the system capacity not exceeding 180 nm³/hr or lower-purity nitrogen with the capacity of up to 5,000 nm³/hr, the use of membrane nitrogen plants appears the most preferable. If the customer needs high-purity nitrogen — up of 99.95 to 99.9995% which is unavailable with membrane technology, it is expedient to use adsorption nitrogen plants.

The main parts of Grasys membrane plants are the compressor unit, air treatment unit, gas separation unit and the control system GRASYS Intellegent Control-8. The gas separation unit consists of specially configured modules producing required purity nitrogen from atmospheric air.

The state-of-the-art intelligent multi-functional control system GRASYS Intellegent Control-8 provides the opportunity for plant automatic operation including remote access, data archiving and integrating in the high-level ACS.

Due to the use of the latest achievement, Grasys nitrogen plants are exceptionally reliable with the membrane unit operational life up to 180,000 hours of continuous operation.

Basic technical characteristics of membrane nitrogen plants

Parameter Value
Nitrogen parameters at the plant output
  • nitrogen purity, %
up to 99.9
  • volume recovery of gas mixture, nm³/hr*
  • pressure, atmg
up to 350
  • dew point, °C
Ambient air temperature
  • during operation, °C
  • during storage, °C
Warm-up period, max, minutes 10
Membrane modules operational life, thous. hours up to 180

* The capacity is referenced to the standard conditions (t = 20 °C, P = 1 atm).

State-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intellegent Control-8

The state-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control 8The state-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 guarantees the ultimately simplified and convenient control of Grasys nitrogen station operation.

The GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 system

  • ensures complete control of operation of all station systems;
  • enables manual, automatic and remote control;
  • provides the opportunity for plant controls integration in thefactory-wide control system;
  • provides necessary interlocks in case of overrun of the main process parameters;
  • provides the opportunity for plantswitching-over to standby mode with no nitrogen consumption;
  • has a broad range of additional options, including the opportunity for station parameters control via Internet;
  • allow archiving of the station main process parameters.

The control panel has a LD-display and “hot” buttons for quick access to the critical functions.

Application of Grasys membrane nitrogen plants

  • Generation of inert environment in various technological processes
  • Assurance of explosion and fire safety in various technological processes
  • Testing and purging of pipelines and equipment
  • Cleaning of process tanks
  • Prevention of oxidation processes
  • Nitrogen fire fighting
  • Regeneration of catalysts in technological processes
  • Products packaging in nitrogen environment

Permit documentation

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