Mobile nitrogen stations

Grasys mobile nitrogen stations are the most reliable and efficient equipment among the current market proposal based on the accumulated unique experience of in-house equipment development and continuous improvement of manufacturing process quality and technology.

By choosing Grasys equipment you obtain the reliable and durable facilities for nitrogen production.

Specially developed for field operation mobile nitrogen stations represent self-sustained containerized systems designed for nitrogen production from atmospheric air.

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Mobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stationsMobile nitrogen stations
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Advantages of Grasys nitrogen station

  • Unique more than 15-year experience of nitrogen equipment manufacture
  • High quality and exceptional reliability of equipment
  • State-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-8
  • Delivery in the ready-for-operation condition
  • Operation under up to 350 atmg
  • Use of Grasys last-generation gas separation unit
  • Perfect membrane modules design as compared with the existing market options
  • Reliable modern compressor, making of the world leading producer
  • Standard fully-assembled container
  • Full automation, simplicity of operation
  • No manned attendance required
  • Small weight and footprint
  • Quick system startup and shutdown
  • Operation within a broad temperature range
  • Absence of special requirements for air quality, stability to impurities
  • Low operating costs
  • Extended station operational life

General information

In the process of mobile nitrogen station operation, product nitrogen purity may be adjusted within a broad range which is a unique feature of Grasys systems. The air separation nitrogen station is fully automated with no requirement for manned control of performance parameters.

The station equipment set includes the compressor with a diesel or electric drive, air pretreatment unit, gas separation unit and the control system GRASYS intelligent Control-8. Grasys membrane modules, incorporated in the gas separation unit, do not require special transportation, storage or operation conditions, even after sustaining low-temperature impacts. This simplifies the operation process and enhances station operating reliability.

Grasys nitrogen stations accommodate all the advantages of Grasys nitrogen plants and are supplied ready for operation in a standard 20 or 40 feet container. At customer’s request, the station may be provided in a trailer or skid-mounted version, or as a self-propelled installation.

The use in Grasys nitrogen stations of the compressor equipment and control instrumentation of the leading European and US producers and the state-of-the-art intelligent control system, in combination with the perfect design of the gas separation unit ensures exceptional reliability of the nitrogen station, guaranteed accomplishment of the specified technical parameters and ease of maintenance. The nitrogen station life cycle exceeds 20 years.

Basic technical characteristics of mobile nitrogen stations

Parameter Value
Nitrogen parameters at the station output
  • nitrogen purity, %
  • volume recovery of gas mixture, nm³/hr*
  • pressure, atmg
  • dew point, °C
Ambient air temperature
  • during operation, °C
  • during storage, °C
Warm-up period, max, minutes 10
Membrane modules operational life, thous. hours up to 180

* The capacity is referenced to the standard conditions (t = 20 °C, P = 1 atm).

Modern intelligent control system GRASYS Intellegent Control-8

Modern intelligent control system GRASYS Intellegent Control-8The state-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 guarantees the ultimately simplified and convenient control of Grasys nitrogen station operation.

The GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 system

  • Ensures complete control of operation of all station systems
  • Enables manual, automatic and remote control
  • Provides the opportunity for station controls integration in the factory-wide control system
  • Provides necessary interlocks in case of overrun of the main process parameters
  • Provides the opportunity for station switching-over to standby mode with no nitrogen consumption
  • Has a broad range of additional options, including the opportunity for station parameters control via Internet
  • Allow archiving of the station main process parameters
  • The control panel has a LD-display and “hot” buttons for quick access to the critical functions.

Application of Grasys membrane nitrogen stations

  • Generation of inert environment in technological processes at remote facilities
  • Assurance of explosion and fire safety in technological processes at remote facilities
  • Testing and purging of pipelines and equipment
  • Cleaning of process tanks
  • Prevention of oxidization processes
  • Nitrogen fire fighting
  • Catalyst regeneration in technological processes
  • Products packaging in nitrogen environment

Permit documentation

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