Serial adsorption oxygen plants AKC

Serial oxygen plants offered by Grasys in the AKC lineup are intended for 90–95% gaseous oxygen production from atmospheric air with the production capacity ranging within 5.5 to 100 nm³/hr.

If the customer needs cylinder oxygen, Grasys is positioned to offer serial adsorption oxygen plants AKСB for cylinders filling produced on the basis of well established AKC plants.

The principle of operation of AKC oxygen plants is based on the properties of adsorbent materials capable of selectively adsorbing nitrogen molecules and impurity gases while letting pass oxygen molecules. All adsorbents used in oxygen generators undergo certification and inspection in Russia which guarantees operating reliability of systems and high quality of the product.

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Serial adsorption oxygen plants AKCSerial adsorption oxygen plants AKCSerial adsorption oxygen plants AKCSerial adsorption oxygen plants AKCSerial adsorption oxygen plants AKCSerial adsorption oxygen plants AKCSerial adsorption oxygen plants AKC
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General information

The undoubted advantage of serial AKC oxygen plants based on the pressure swing adsorption technology is the low cost of oxygen production where it is not subject to rigid purity requirements.

Structurally, Grasys AKC adsorption oxygen plants consist of two adsorbent beds, the compressor unit, air pre-treatment unit, valve system and the plant control system. The adsorbent bed is a column filled with specially selected layers of adsorbents — granular substances capable of selectively adsorbing gas mixture components.

The array of applications of oxygen plants is extremely wide and includes such areas as autogenous oxygen production (apart from automated metal cutting); oxygen generators are also helpful in the silicate, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceutical industries, in fish farming, sewage treatment and ozonation plants feeding, solid waste incineration and in medicine.

Basic technical characteristics of serial adsorption oxygen plants

Parameter Value
Oxygen parameters at the plant output
  • pressure, atmg
  • dewpoint, °C
Ambient air temperature
  • during operation, °C
  • during storage, °C
Warm-up period, max, minutes 20
Plant operational life, thous. hours 70–120

Technical characteristics of serial adsorption oxygen plants

Model(2) Capacity, nm³/hr(1) depending on oxygen purity, %(3) GSU weight, kg GSU dimensions, mm
90% O2 93% O2 95% O2
AKC-2 3 3 2 360 600×1,300×1,850
AKC -5 6 5 4 480 600×1,300×1,850
AKC -10 13 11 10 655 1,165×795×2,015
AKC -15 19 17 15 1,015 1,285×900×2,270
AKC -25 30 27 25 1,350 1,500×1,000×2,350
AKC -40 45 40 35 1,735 1,750×1,260×2,600
AKC -60 65 60 55 2,925 2,000×1,500×3,220
AKC -80 90 80 75 5,500 2,500×1,600×4,200
AKC -100 110 100 90 5,900 2,680×1,650×4,330
  1. The capacity is referenced to the standard conditions (t = 20 °C, P = 1 atm).
  2. Each model is provided with three capacity options (90, 93, 95%)
  3. Guaranteed basic parameters

Permit documentation

ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.НХ37.В.00753/20 Download PDF; 295,13 KB
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