Serial adsorption oxygen stations

Oxygen station is a transportable new-generation station capable of delivering up to 100 oxygen cylinders per day.

A serial oxygen station, having all the advantages of oxygen station TAdK-0.018 delivers a considerably higher oxygen output rate — up to 25 nm³/hr which is equivalent to 4 oxygen cylinders per hour.

The oxygen station, being compact and easy transportable, allows deploying full-cycle production of 93–95% oxygen and cylinders filling under 150 atm. The station requires only 380 V electric power supply consuming as little as 60 kW. The station warm-up period is 10 minutes.

All equipment is installed in a standard container with the dimensions of 2,500×2,500×6,000 mm. The container is equipped with the positive ventilation system, heating system and the common monitoring and control unit. Control of the oxygen station is arranged so as to ensure maximum ease and convenience.

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Serial adsorption oxygen stationsSerial adsorption oxygen stations
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Advantages of GRASYS mobile serial oxygen stations

  • Quick startup of cylinder oxygen production
  • Advanced oxygen generator and adsorbent with improved properties
  • Highly reliable imported compressors with the useful life exceeding that of Russian analogs
  • Enhanced fail safety
  • Up-to-date ventilation and heating system
  • Low operating costs
  • State-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 with the options of manual, automatic and remote control
  • Minimum delivery period

General information

The oxygen station is ideal for repair and construction sites and remote facilities where gaseous oxygen is required. It may be installed on chassis to allow its prompt delivery to the target location. Due to its high capacity, the station may quickly replenish oxygen deficiency and move on to another location.

The area of application of mobile oxygen station is extremely wide and includes various technological processes across industry sectors. One of the most important and common applications of oxygen stations is oxygen production for field metal cutting and welding.

Basic technical characteristics of serial adsorption oxygen stations

Parameter Value
Oxygen parameters at the plant output
  • oxygen purity, %
  • capacity, nm³/hr(1)
  • capacity, oxygen cylinders per day(2)
  • pressure, atmg
  • dewpoint, ?C
Ambient air temperature
  • during operation, ?C
  • during storage, ?C
Power consumption, kW 60
Warm-up period, max, minutes 10
Station operational life, thous. hours 70?120
  1. The capacity is referenced to the standard conditions (t = 20 ?C, P = 1 atm).
  2. 40 linter oxygen cylinders under 150 atm

Intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7

Intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7The state-of-the-art intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 guarantees the ultimately simplified and convenient control of GRASYS oxygen station operation.

The GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 system:

  • Ensures complete control of operation of all station systems
  • Enables manual, automatic and remote control
  • Provides the opportunity for plant controls integration in the factory-wide control system
  • Provides necessary interlocks in case of overrun of the main process parameters
  • Provides the opportunity for generator switching-over to standby mode with no oxygen consumption
  • Has a broad range of additional options, including the opportunity for station parameters control via Internet.

Application of GRASYS mobile serial oxygen stations

  • On-site cylinder oxygen production
  • Temperature increase in melting and glass furnaces
  • Use of oxygen as a chemical agent
  • Recovery of various chemical compounds
  • Increase of produced oil and gas viscosity and improvement of flow rates
  • Reduction of sulfuric sediments in refineries
  • Reduction of the fry incubation period in fish farming
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