Nitrogen plants for chemical enterprise

Use of nitrogen membrane plant:

The nitrogen produced by the plant is designed for fire fighting and equipment purging for removal of explosive and toxic impurities.

Grasys performed the complete work package:

  • Development of design and detailed documentation;
  • Engineering;
  • Construction;
  • Equipment manufacture and supply;
  • Installation supervision and commissioning.

Plant technical characteristics:

  • Purity of product nitrogen — 97%;
  • Nitrogen production capacity — 5000 nm³/hr;
  • Outlet product nitrogen pressure — 6 to 7 bar.

The operating mode and continuous round-the-clock with allowable maintenance shutdown no more than 1 a year for no more than 3 days.

The plant is installed in a stand-alone building equipped with the heating, ventilation, lighting and fire-fighting systems. The plant is configured as 1 operating line rated for 100% capacity.

For this project, Grasys debuted its nitrogen station control and monitoring system based on the distributed control system. The system software is based on the modular object oriented principle. The system, including its software, was developed by the Grasys specialists.

Configuration of nitrogen membrane plant:

  • Air turbine compressor;
  • Compressed air silencer;
  • Air filters;
  • Membrane gas separation units;
  • Piping with valves and fittings;
Control cabinets and instrumentation.
Nitrogen plants for chemical enterprise
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