Nitrogen plant for oilfield booster compressor station

Application of nitrogen membrane plant:

Production of 99% nitrogen for subsequent delivery to the distribution network for extinguishing oil fire-heating furnaces and generation of nitrogen blanket in oil tanks.

Grasys performed the complete package of works:

  • Development of design and detailed documentation;
  • Engineering;
  • Construction;
  • Equipment manufacture and supply;
  • Installation supervision and commissioning.

The plant is installed in a stand-alone building together with process equipment, process piping, shutoff and control valves and instruments, automation equipment, heating and electric lighting systems.

Configuration of nitrogen membrane plant:

  • The inert gas plant (continuous nitrogen production) rated for 100 nm³/hr including two process lines for nitrogen production.
  • The inert gas plant (intermittent nitrogen production) rated for 2,050 nm³/hr including process lines for nitrogen production.

Characteristics of product nitrogen:

  • Nitrogen volume ratio: minimum 99%;
  • Oxygen volume ratio: maximum 1.0%;
  • Gas temperature at the unit output:: maximum +45°C;
  • Nitrogen dewpoint temperature: maximum 60°C.

Automatic control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 for:

  • Automatic and current (manual) plant start/stop and warm-up control;
  • Visualization of plant operation;
  • Remote alarm system signaling indoor air temperature deviations;
  • Remote alarm system signaling unauthorized entering the premises;
  • Remote control of voltage on distribution board' terminals;
  • Opportunity for information display for transfer to high-level ACS;
  • Sending control commands to actuators (in case of power outage) for switching-over to fail-safe mode;
Actuation of emergency ventilation (with alarm signal) in case of oxygen volume ratio in unit air getting under 19% or over 23%.
Nitrogen membrane plant
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