Nitrogen plant for in-field initial water separation unit

Application on nitrogen membrane plant:

Production of 99% nitrogen of compressed atmospheric air for delivery to the distribution network in order to create nitrogen blanket in tanks and vessels, cover process needs, extinguish oil direct-fire heating furnaces and generate gas screen.

Grasys performed the entire work package:

  • Design and detailed documentation
  • Engineering design
  • Construction
  • Equipment manufacture and delivery
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

The plant is supplied fully assembled and installed as a modular structure in separate premises together with maintenance platforms, ladders and enclosures. 

The nitrogen membrane plant construction area refers to the northern construction and climatic zone. It is remotely located and isolated. The main and auxiliary equipment and materials are designed to sustain extreme temperatures to minus 60 °С during transportation and installation. 

Nitrogen membrane plant configuration:

  • Inert gas plants (continuous nitrogen production) rated for 250 nm³/h including two nitrogen production lines with 100% capacity each
  • Inert gas plants (intermittent nitrogen production) rated for 2050 nm³/h including three nitrogen production lines with 50% capacity each

Product nitrogen characteristics:

  • Nitrogen volume ratio: min 99%
  • Oxygen volume ratio: max 1.0%
  • Outlet gas temperature: max +45°С
  • Nitrogen dewpoint temperature: max minus 60 °С.

The state-of-the-art intelligent monitoring and control system GRASYS Intelligent Control-7 guarantees the exceptionally simple and user-friendly control of the Grasys nitrogen plant.

 Комплекс по производству азота
Комплекс по производству азота Комплекс по производству азота Nitrogen production complex
Grasys membrane nitrogen plants
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