Downhole associated petroleum gas injection system

Application of APG downhole injection plant:

APG disposal.

Grasys performed the complete work package:

  • Development of design and detailed documentation;
  • Engineering;
  • Construction;
  • Equipment manufacture and supply;
  • Installation supervision and commissioning.

The design documentation underwent the expert review procedure in FSI «Glavgosexpertiza of Russia» with the issue of a positive opinion.
The plant is designed at a separate fenced installation site with utility networks, process pipelines, control system, instrument air supply system.

The PACS performs the function of APG downhole injection plant automated control, ensures safe equipment operation, monitoring and recording of the plant process parameters.

Configuration of APG downhole injection plant:

  • Block-box for compressor station with reciprocating compressor and gas air-cooling unit;
  • High pressure gas pipeline to well;
  • Modular air compressor instrumentation;
  • Power supply system — overhead line, PTS, cable racks, diesel power plant, control room block-box, heat tracing system;
  • Gas condensate collection and drainage tank with semi-submersible pump;
Storm-water drainage system.
Downhole associated petroleum gas injection system
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