Equipment preservation

Grasys offers the preservation services for its air and gas separation equipment.

Preservation is relevant where startup of a facility using Grasys equipment is seriously extended or delayed. Preservation protects the equipment against destructive environmental effects during the standby period. Grasys extends its warranty for the period of preservation.

Preservation may also be needed for equipment decommissioning to provide the required conditions for its long-term storage.

The scope of preservation activities includes the following stages:

  • Visit by Grasys service specialist of the equipment installation site;
  • Diagnostic of the equipment technical condition where necessary;
  • Preservation and packing of equipment.

The specific activities and procedures as part of equipment preservation are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the equipment type and condition, remoteness of the installation site and other factors.

If requested by the Client, the company's service team provides the equipment depreservation (restoration) services after preservation.

Does your equipment require preservation?

Our specialists will render comprehensive assistance in resolving this issue, simply call us!

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