Maintenance services

One of the benefits delivered by cooperation with our company is the superior customer services.

Grasys offers its customers a complete range of repair and maintenance services with regard to the equipment supplied, as well as third party equipment.


In order to ensure equipment long-term and fail-safe operation, it is critical to arrange for high-quality and workmanlike installation, preparation and run-in testing. We propose to use the commissioning services offered by Grasys with regard to the equipment supplied.

Scheduled equipment maintenance

Regular equipment inspection and diagnostics and the opportunity for technical consultations with vendors and manufacturers exclude the possibility of malfunctioning and standbys. Grasys specialists provide high-quality repair and maintenance services over the entire equipment operation period at any time convenient for the Customer.

Equipment overhaul and current repairs

The operating potential available to Grasys allows carrying out repair works of any complexity within the timelines by the Customer.

Supply of OEM spare parts and consumable materials from the Moscow centralized warehouse

We offer spare parts and consumable materials for compressors supplied by Atlas Copco, Bauer and many other foreign producers.


Grasys also upgrades the control systems at the previously supplied equipment for simplification of plant operator’s tasks and transmission of signals to the upper-level automatic control system.

The up-to-date automatic control system (ACS) ensures the most comprehensive and effective control of plant operation. Apart from the manual and automated local control options, there is the remote control option and the option of ventilation and heating systems operation. The ACS implements the control algorithm and monitors the plant performance parameters; it also helps trace failures and emergency situations, provides necessary interlocks and has the self-diagnostics system. Additionally, ACS allows individually controlling various units of plant equipment or their groups, which enhances its application flexibility. The ACS control panel operates on the basis of the industrial controller (PLC), has the active LD display and «hot» buttons for quick access to the critical functions.

Where the repair or commissioning operations are required at Customer site during the warranty or post-warranty period, the company arranges for the prompt on-site visit by its specialists. The scope of works includes equipment overhaul and current repairs, adjustment operation of any complexity and commissioning works at the stage of bringing the equipment on stream.

We guarantee high-quality services and quick response!

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