Grasys Training Center. Staff training

The research and production company Grasys has its own Training Center focused mainly on training and professional development of the company specialists in the field of air and gas separation. The Training Center has no analogues and employs as its instructors the industry leading specialists, candidates and doctors of science.

The educational program was developed by the Research and Development Department of RPC Grasys with the participation of the company most experienced service engineers, and covers all aspects of equipment operation. The duration of a course may vary from 72 to 500 hours depending on the needs and level of knowledge of specialists.

The advanced professional training is provided in the following areas:

  • Operation and maintenance of membrane air separation plants
  • Operation and maintenance of adsorption air separation plants
  • Operation and maintenance of membrane hydrocarbon gas mixtures treatment plants
  • Operation and maintenance of compressor plants and stations

The Training Center is fully outfitted to provide both theoretical and practical classes. The classes will be held in the company classrooms, at the company in-house production site immediately on Grasys industrial nitrogen, oxygen and hydrocarbon plants and stations, as well as on the company special testing benches. Besides, the training process may be organized at Customer locations.

After passing the upgrading course, the trainees are issued the Advanced Training Certificate.

This is not a public offer