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Compression is the industrial processing and gas treatment technology serving to increase its pressure using compressor. Compressors are used to compress air, hydrocarbon gases, pure gases, and others.

Compressed air is used by manufacturing companies in more or less all industries. It is used as energy source, as active control system element or as part of work cycle, such as air separation process.

Gas compression is one of the basic operations when transporting hydrocarbon gases through main pipelines, as well as when injecting underground storage facilities and liquefying gas to increase oil condensate recovery ratio of deposits, to meet the demands of chemical and oil refining industries.

Grasys offers the customers both air compressor units and plants in modular design and compressor units for hydrocarbon gas compression.

Gas compression is performed in one or several stages, while the type compressor and power are determined by the amount of compressed gas and the required degree of pressure increase.

Compressors are divided into two main groups, that is volume and dynamic compression. The first compressor group features air compression as a result of forced reduction of the volume it occupies. Such compressors are mainly represented by piston and screw compressors.

Grasys compressor units and plants

Dynamic compressors are machines where working process is performed under dynamic effect on continuous compressible gas flow. The wheel rotating blades lead to gas flow acceleration, and when the flow decelerates against diffuser fixed blades gas velocity transforms into pressure. The dynamic compression process is implemented in centrifugal blowers and compressors.

Electric motors, internal combustion engines, hydraulic drives, turbines, and others can be used as compressor unit drive. Where diesel generator is used, we offer fully autonomous air compression systems.

The compressor performance can be adjusted by suction gas bypassing or throttling, and, subject to the compressor type, by changing the drive rotation speed, changing the compression chamber volume, by opening valves, using spool control, and others.

To ensure reliability and maintain the compressor pre-determined operating conditions, the appropriate systems for compressed gas purification should be provided for at the compressor inlet. Subject to the gas purity requirements and gas properties as such, compression can be performed in oil-lubricated or oil-free compressors. Filtration system should be installed at the compressor outlet to ensure the desired compressed gas purification.

Air and liquid cooled heat exchangers are used to cool down compressor units, as well as for gas interstage- and aftercooling.

Subject to the size and service compressor units can be placed in workshop premises, in separate permanent shelter buildings, in transportable modules, or they can be truck-mounted.

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