Vocational Training Center Non-commercial Private Educational Institution «Grasys»

About the Training Center

The Non-commercial Private Educational Institution for extended professional training «Grasys» established in 2012 carries out enhanced professional training activities on the ground of the license № 033533, series 77Л01 № 0000940, issued by the Moscow Department of Education on March 26, 2013.

The main objective of the Vocational Training Center “Grasys” is occupational training and upskilling of experts in the area of air and gas separation at the facilities of the non-commercial institution and on the Customer’s site.

Training is addressed to the staff of the Equipment owner Company.


License for educational activities of the Non-commercial Private Educational Institution «Grasys».

Annex to the License for educational activities

Additional documents

Certificate of State Registration of the Non-commercial Private Educational Institution «Grasys».

In-house documents and regulations of the Non-commercial private educational institution «Grasys»

Management and Founders

The Joint-Stock Company «Grasys» (registered as a corporate entity on 20.06.2008 by the Inter-District Office of the Federal Tax Service № 46 for Moscow under the Primary State Registration Number (PSRN) with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities № 1087746761563, TIN 774369750, CRR 772701001, address: 1 Malaya Yushunskaya, bld. 1, floor 1, unit I, room 24, Moscow, 117303, represented by the General Director Potekhin Sergey Vladimirovich, being the sole founder of the Non-commercial Private Educational Institution of enhanced vocational training «Grasys».

Direct control of activities of the Institution is carried out by the Director, AMIRKHANOV DMITRY M.


Subject to the Federal Law on education in the Russian Federation of December 29th, 2012 № 273-ФЗ «On education in the Russian Federation», the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of July 1st, 2013 № 499 «On approval of the procedure on arrangement and implementation of educational activities under enhanced vocational training programs», the Decree of the RF Government of August 15th, 2013 №706 «On approval of regulations on rendering of fee-based services»  the Non-public Private Educational Institution of enhanced vocational training «Grasys» provides training under educational programs in enhanced vocational training aimed to enhance professional skills of operating personnel.

Training is carried out by skilled professionals based on approved programs and hours allocated for every program depending on the type and number of equipment in operation for each Customer, and covers both theory and practice.

Training sessions are held in the training center, classrooms are fitted with technical facilities, projection equipment, special training simulators. Arrangement of the training process enables combination of theoretical and practical training, while providing comfortable training environment for the students.

Training programs

Enhanced vocation training is provided in the following disciplines:

  • Operation and maintenance of a membrane air separation unit.
  • Operation and maintenance of an adsorption air separation unit.
  • Operation and maintenance of a membrane unit for treatment of hydrocarbon gas mixtures.
  • Operation and maintenance of compressor units and stations

Training sessions are held onsite on industrial nitrogen, oxygen and hydrocarbon units and stations, modular compressor stations from «Grasys». Thus the Customer’s personnel may be trained to operate own equipment in actual operating environment in view of worksite properties and climate patterns.

Upon completion of the course the students will receive standard certificates on advanced professional training from the Non-commercial Private Educational Institution of enhanced vocational training «Grasys».

  • Vocational training enrolment contract with the Non-commercial Private Educational Institution «Grasys»
  • Internal code of conduct for students of the Non-commercial Private Educational Institution «Grasys».

Admission requirements

Intermediate or higher vocational education is mandatory for admission and study under the training program.

The following documents must be submitted for the personal record of the student:

  • copy of the education certificate or diploma
  • copy of the passport (first two pages and the page with the registered address record)

For further information and inquiries please contact us by Tel. No.: +7 (495) 777-77-34 and email: nochy@grasys.ru

Applications for admission may be sent to the email: nochy@grasys.ru or through an Application form.
Applications submission hours: Monday to Friday 9:00—18:00.

Teaching team

The teaching team of the Center consists of leading experts of the industry, Candidates and Doctors of Sciences. All of them are employees of the Company «Grasys» having extensive professional background and academic skills.

Remote training

Tests and instructions

Contacts of the Training Center

Tel.: +7 (495) 777-77-34 
Applications submission hours: Monday to Friday 9:00—18:00.
E-mail: nochy@grasys.ru

This is not a public offer