GRASYS - the CIS leading manufacturer of gas separation equipment

Grasys is the leading designer, producer and EPCM contractor in the field of air and gas separation in CIS and Eastern Europe.

The core business lines of Grasys are:

  • Design and manufacture of air separation and gas separation equipment
  • Natural and associated petroleum gas treatment, associated petroleum gas (APG) recovery
  • Front-end engineering
  • Implementation of integrated "turn-key" projects (EPC and EPCM contracts) with a focus on air and gas separation, APG recovery and natural gas treatment.

Our clients

The priority tasks of Grasys are the achievement of high quality of manufacture, continuous technological development and scientific research allowing to produce highly technological up-to-date equipment and perform large-scale integrated projects with the maximum economic efficiency for the customer.

Today, Grasys has implemented more than 980 projects for 350 enterprises in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, energy, coal, metallurgy, construction, food and other industry branches.

The company has the industry leading specialists on its staff – graduates of the best national engineering and economic colleges, candidates and doctors of science. The Grasys specialists relying on their unique experience and knowledge develop state-of-the-art solutions and accomplish dramatic progress as part of the sustained dynamic development seen by the company over more than 17 years.

The continuous scientific research in the field of membrane and adsorption air and gas separation technologies allows devising and implementing the new solutions furthering the development of science and industry enterprises. Grasys has developed the membrane CarboPEEK  unrivalled among the world analogs in terms of its technical characteristics. This membrane was designed for solution of a variety of tasks, in particular, treatment and recovery of associated petroleum gas.

For proper carrying on its business, Grasys has obtained all the necessary permitting documentation and certificates. The company quality management system complies with the international standards ISO 9001:2008.

Grasys is the only company in the air and gas separation industry of Russia with the quality management system certified according to American Petroleum Institute API Spec Q1.

Grasys produces the equipment meeting the ASME, CE standard, as well as corporate standards of such companies as TOTAL, Gazprom and Shell; develops and issues documentation in accordance with the generally accepted world standards for EPCM contracts.

The products of RPC Grasys conform to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Union as confirmed by the Certificate issued by the relevant certifying authority TUV SUD Product Service Gmbh. The European quality (СЕ) certificate provides proof the product is safe for people's health and property and environmentally friendly.

Over its more than 17-year operating activity, Grasys has accumulated the unique experience of implementing various complexity projects unmatched by domestic and foreign companies. Regular customers utilizing Grasys gas separation equipment are the Russian and foreign majors — Shell, Eni, Enel, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Gazprom, Rosneft, TNK-BP, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, NOVATEK, RITEK, Tatneft, Slavneft, Sibur, Salym Petroleum Development, Procter & Gamble, Solvalub, TWEL, Mars, Pepsi, Lays etc.

Grasys nitrogen equipment is being successfully operated in the fields and at the GTS run by Gazprom, on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Nitrogen generators and oxygen generators have been brought on-stream in the Russia’s strategic facility, Vancor field. Grasys equipment is being operated at Lukoil crucial facilities, including its off-shore platforms in the Korchagin field and the Arctic oil terminal Varandei, at Sibur petrochemical facilities etc.

Grasys provides the high quality maintenance and technical support services for its own and third-party equipment. More details…

Grasys also sells technical gases on the on-site basis, where the plant is installed at the customer’s site while remaining the property of, and being maintained by, Grasys. More details…

Over the years of its successful activities, Grasys has acquired the unique experience in producing various air separation plants: nitrogen plants, oxygen plants, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, mobile nitrogen stations, PSA generators, gas separation unit for portable nitrogen compressor stations, nitrogen fire fighting plants successfully operated by all types of enterprises.

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