Nitrogen plants and stations

Grasys, building on its more than 15-year experience of producing air separation equipment, offers fully automated membrane plants for nitrogen production from atmospheric air. Grasys nitrogen plants are designed and manufactured individually on the basis of customer design assignment. Nitrogen plants are cost effective, reliable and simple in operation.

Nitrogen purity — up to 99.95%, production capacity — up to 5,000 nm³/hr.

Grasys produces high-technology stationary automated plants for nitrogen production from atmospheric air. Nitrogen plants rely on air mixture separation technology supported by last-generation adsorbent materials, which allows producing high-purity nitrogen. Nitrogen plants are custom-designed according to the customer’s technical requirements.

Nitrogen purity — up to 99.9995%, production capacity — up to 5,000 nm³/hr.

In order to cover the needs for relatively small, high-quality and inexpensive nitrogen generators the Research and Production Company Grasys offers the serially produced adsorption nitrogen generators NITROPOWER based on the in-depth analysis of domestic and foreign low-capacity nitrogen generators. The adsorption generators are provided in two options NITROPOWER and NITROPOWER PLUS with various configurations and a set of additional options. This enables the Customer to pay solely for what is needed with a guarantee of invariably superior quality.

Grasys offers the best nitrogen stations unrivaled by the current market options in terms of the performance characteristics and designed for on-site nitrogen production across various climatic zones. Nitrogen stations used for air mixture separation and nitrogen recovery utilize membrane gas separation technology. Stations are capable of varying product nitrogen purity within a broad range.

Nitrogen purity — up to 99.5%, production capacity — up to 5,000 nm³/hr.

Grasys produces mobile compressor stations for nitrogen production from air. Nitrogen plants are designed as self-contained systems allowing high-pressure nitrogen production. Nitrogen stations are highly reliable, structurally simple and efficient.

Nitrogen purity — up to 99.9%, production capacity — up to 2,000 nm³/hr, pressure — up to 350 atm.

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