Service and training

Grasys places the priority on the quality of its equipment, as well as the quality and level of the services rendered. More than 30 service engineers of the company are involved in the provision of the high-quality maintenance services being the underlying factor of long-term cooperation between Grasys and its Customer.

Grasys offers its clients a full package of maintenance, repair and technical support services for its own equipment as well as third-party equipment:

  • Commissioning and startup
  • Pilot operation
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Overhaul and repairs
  • Retrofitting
  • Equipment upgrading
  • Staff training

Grasys upgrades third party equipment in order to improve productivity or purity of the gas produced by the existing system. The company current production potential allows performing works of any degree of complexity within the customer agreed timeline.

Services Services and technical support of nitrogen station Maintenance services
Maintenance services Maintenance services Maintenance services
Grasys is involved in rendering installation supervision, commissioning and startup, warranty and post-warranty maintenance services. Our Clients can always rely on our prompt and efficient response in case of possible problems. If any issues arise concerning equipment operation, Grasys specialists are ready to provide qualified consultations and send documentation requested.
On Customer request, we are ready to organize staff training, which allows further efficient operation of Grasys equipment. The training process may be arranged both at the Customer location and in the Grasys training center.
The Grasys Training Center sees its main task is training and advancing of specialists in the field of air and gas separation and provides all conditions for both theoretical and practical classes.
Grasys offers the preservation services for its air and gas separation equipment.
Preservation is relevant where startup of a facility using Grasys equipment is seriously extended or delayed. Preservation protects the equipment against destructive environmental effects during the standby period. Grasys extends its warranty for the period of preservation.
Grasys upgrades both its own and third party equipment that was supplied earlier. The upgrading is usually aimed at increasing the production capacity of the existing systems and improving the performance of the equipment supplied, including facilitation of the operator's tasks and transfer of signals to the upper level of the automatic process control system.
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