Company history

From equipment manufacturer to engineering company

RPC Grasys stages of development

2001-2005 Promotion of the membrane technology

The Company has been established in 2001 for promotion of the membrane gas separation technology in the Russian market. It has commenced its activities with engineering and supply of nitrogen membrane packages for compressor plants. Already in 2003, the RPC Grasys has launched the first nitrogen membrane unit at EFCO-Sloboda facilities, and in 2004 – the first nitrogen membrane station for Arcticgas.

Since its foundation, the Company has been engaged in dynamic research of membrane technologies. The obtained findings and accumulated experience were instrumental in successful completion of such a complex project in 2005 as commissioning of the first highly fault-tolerant membrane unit for the Novosibirsk NZKhC plant of the TVEL Corporation producing the nuclear fuel, as well as supply the first high-performance stationary membrane unit of 600 m3/h to the Saratov Oil Refinery.

Equipment from the RPC Grasys becomes the key point in the OJSC Gazprom program on enhancement of safety in repairs and precommissioning.

2006-2010 Innovative technologies & first ЕРС contracts

In 2006 the Company has started intensive development of 3 new trends at once.

The central result of scientific activities of the Company was development of a proprietary hydrocarbon membrane, operable under extreme conditions in corrosive media. In 2010 after successful completion of the program on endurance testing of commercial hydrocarbon package units at oil and gas fields of Russia, the Russia’s first commercial membrane APG treatment unit was commissioned at the CS Novoukrainskaya, Rosneft.

At the same time, the Company has mastered a new gas separation technology – the pressure swing adsorption (PSA). In 2007 the world’s largest nitrogen PSA unit was developed for the CPF Vankor (6600 m3/h). An oxygen adsorption unit (1800 m3/h) was supplied in 2008 to the Vasilkovsky Ore Mining and Processing Industrial Complex.

Development of Company’s competences in technologies, engineering and design was logically followed up by entering into the first EPC contract in 2007 for arrangement of nitrogen supply to facilities of the Vankor field. Within the scope of the contract, several nitrogen producing membrane plants were designed and built.

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История компании История компании

2011-2015 Building competences

The Company continued active development of the PSA activities – from serial generators of nitrogen and medical oxygen to high-performance PSA units. Large nitrogen PSA generators were commissioned for NORSI (3000 m3/h), Nevinnomysskt Azot (5000 m3/h), the Kuibyshev Oil Refinery (3000 m3/h) and Orsknefteorgsynthez (2500 m3/h). The RPC Grasys became a renowned expert in PSA technologies and to date remains the only Russian Company – developer of large PSA units.

As the leader in the membrane air separation market the RPC Grasys carries out more and more complex projects – for Otradnensky and Neftegorsk Gaz Processing Plants, SAMARATRANSNEFT-TERMINAL, Bashneft and LenNIIkhimmash, supplies nitrogen and air stations to the «Yuzhny Potok » (The South Stream) gas main.

Membrane technology of natural and associated petroleum gas treatment developed by the RPC Grasys was acknowledged by oil and gas companies and its implementation started on mine fields both in Russia and abroad. The Company designed, manufactured and supplied a NG treatment unit for NIS Velebit, Serbia, with production capacity about 200 mln. m3/year, supplied APG treatment units for Rosneft, Rusvietpetro, Dagneftegas, CanBaikal and other Customers. Successful testing was carried out of the world’s first helium membrane unit at the Markovskoye field.

The Company comes to non-CIS markets, implementing projects to standards of ASME, CE and ЕРС contracts for TOTAL E&P (Congo), NOMAC (Saudi Arabia), ACWA (Morocco), Maersk Oil, SIIRTEC NIGI SpA, Lenstor Enterprises Ltd, and others.

In order to implement the increased number of ЕРС contracts the Project Office and the Research and Technology Department at the Engineering Center of the Company were expanded.

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История компании История компании

2016-2017 Engineering Company

The RPC Grasys has successfully passed QMS certification of compliance to standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API Q1) – the most distinguished organization of the petroleum industry.

The Company enters into an ЕРС contract for construction of nitrogen/air station for the Omsk Oil Refinery, a Project Office is established in Omsk. The Engineering Center develops and supplies membrane APG treatment units to fields of Bashneft-Dobycha, completes the Stage 1 of the ЕРС contract with Dagneftegaz. The RPC Grasys becomes an authorized packager of GE high-speed piston compressors, manufactures the first oxygen unit of 99% purity grade for Çalik Holding Group (Turkey).

The Company carries out a wide range of projects – from medical oxygen and nitrogen supply for hospitals and enterprises to supplies of nitrogen and air compressor stations to the “Sila Sibiri” (The Power of Siberia) gas main.

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2018 Complex Projects Implementation 

R&P Co. Grasys successfully implemented large-scale projects such as:

  • Constructing nitrogen-air plant for the Omsk Refinery
  • Implementing a turnkey project to provide medical center in the Chechen Republic with medicinal gases
  • Supplying serial generators Nitropower and Nitropower Plus to companies in a variety of industries including such brand as Tyrolean Pies and OJSC Wimm-Bill-Dann (PepsiCo)
  • Implementing complex nitrogen and air plants supply projects to the Kharampurskoye, Suzunskoye and Chupalskoye fields
  • Supplying nitrogen pants to coal mines and open-pit mines for SUEK-Kuzbass
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2019 Focus to Development

R&P Co. Grasys implemented large-scale projects such as:

  • Supplying oxygen plants to health care providers in Moscow, Trans-Baikal Territory and other regions
  • Supplying skid-mounted nitrogen and air plants to Urengoyskoye, Lodochnoye, Kharampurskoye and other fields of the largest Russia’s oil and gas companies
  • Supplying nitrogen generators Nitropower to sunflower oil and microelectronics producers
  • Supplying a nitrogen plant to a Czech engineering company
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2020 Large-Scale Projects and Launching Unique Gas Separation Membranes Production 

R&P Co. Grasys placed into operation the only across Russia and the CIS production of hollow fiber gas separation membranes and membrane cartridges. The high-tech complex in Dubna was built to fully locate the critical component of helium recovery unit produced at the Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field - resource base of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. Grasys is one of just three companies worldwide engaged in hollow fiber production!

The delivery of localized membrane elements Grasys to the 3rd line of helium concentrate separation unit at the Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field has begun. Membrane elements installed in two stages of the membrane unit allow 11-fold reduction of helium concentration in natural gas, which in turn makes it possible to preserve this important resource for the future of our country. All three lines have been put into operation, the first two are already running at full capacity.

The stage of main process equipment commissioning completed - two nitrogen PSA generators of in-house design featuring 1000 m³/h capacity and 99.999% purity each, five compressors and air dryers. A major EPC project of Grasys nitrogen-air compressor plant construction for JSC Gazpromneft-ONPZ was completed.

A set of main process equipment was supplied to automobile gas filling compressor station (CNG filling station) for JSC Norilsktransgaz. This is the first sophisticated, parent, high-performance CNG filling station in Norilsk for refueling a large number of motor vehicles.

Nitrogen plant Nitropower Plus completed with a mixer to obtain a modified gaseous fluid for production of sausages, semi-finished meat products, snacks and gourmet items of the Dymov Group of Companies was manufactured and supplied. New engineering solutions deployed in this project will find application in food industry as well.

Grasys in the shortest possible time increased its capacity and launched mass production of medical oxygen concentrators. Manufacturing facility ran non-stop, 24/7 in 3 shifts. This made it possible to meet 40% of Russia’s hospitals and specialized health care centers need for oxygen concentrators for для лечения COVID-19 patients treatment.

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