The modern industry — branch which it is impossible to present without use of technical gases. Nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbonic gas and the argon made by gas separation equipment GRASYS, are widely applied in various areas and are an integral part of technological process of manufacture.

Oil & Gas

Generation of inert environment in process tanks during loading and unloading operations, nitrogen fire fighting, pipelines purging and testing, process tanks cleaning.

Chemistry, petrochemistry

Generation of inert environment in process tanks, nitrogen fire fighting, pipelines purging and testing, catalyst regeneration, products packaging in nitrogen environment, intensification of oxidation processes, recovery of methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.


Protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals during annealing, neutral tempering, cyanidation, hard brazing, metal powder sintering.

Coal Industry

Generation of inert environment by suspension of explosive mines, nitrogen-aided fire suppression at hard-to-reach fire sources.

Electronic Industry

Generation of inert environment for the prevention of electric circuit elements oxidation.


Use of oxygen for gas-flame welding operations, such as metal cutting and welding.


Nitrogen-aided products transportation, generation of inert environment in product containers, packaging of medical drugs.

Food Industry

Storage, transfer and packaging of food products — nuts, chips, butter, coffee, beer etc in inert environment, generating modified atmosphere in vegetable stores, enhancing fish farming efficiency.

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