Oil and Gas Refining

Research and Production Company Grasys is engaged in manufacturing ready-to-operate nitrogen generators, units and plants as well as hydrogen equipment that is custom-tailored for the oil and gas processing industries

The Key Issues to Address

  • Creating inert ambient to ensure explosion and fire safety of production processes
  • Hydrogen concentration from HBG
  • Nitrogen firefighting
  • Hydrogen generation
  • Pipeline purging with nitrogen
  • Hydrogen purification using PSA
  • Nitrogen boosting into process tanks (nitrogen breathing)
  • Methanol generation

Grasys delivers gas separation and air separation equipment to customers in the oil refining, petrochemical and chemical industries by offering a broad range of state-of-the-art high-tech nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen units and systems.

Nitrogen produced with Grasys units is used in a broad variety of applications such as creating inert ambient in tanks, fighting fires, purging and testing pipelines, regenerating catalysts, packaging products in nitrogen ambient.

Oxygen has gained widespread acceptance in oxidizing original reagents so as to produce nitric acid, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, vinyl chloride, and other essential chemical compounds.

Grasys hydrogen units enable to concentrate hydrogen from pyrolysis vent gases, alkane and alkene dehydrogenation vent gases and other process streams.

R&P Co. Grasys’ Products

Nitrogen Generation Units and Plants

High-purity nitrogen generation from atmosphere air using membrane and adsorption technologies.

Oxygen Generation Units and Plants

High-purity oxygen generation from atmosphere air for using in medicine and production sector.

Skid-Mounted Compressor Plants

Air compression. Compression of natural, associated petroleum and other gases.

Membrane-based Natural Gas Processing Units

Hydrocarbon gases treatment to meet the Customer’s requirements or to comply with the product specification.

CNG Station Equipment

Equipment and package solutions for compressed natural gas (CNG) production.

Hydrogen Generation and Purification Plants

Hydrogen production from natural gas. Hydrogen purification. Hydrogen concentration from gas streams.

Gas Conversion Plants

Methanol and hydrogen production from natural gas for small and medium-scale methane conversion.

Cryogenic Air Separation Units (ASU)

Production of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and mixtures of other gases from air using low-temperature rectification.

Gas Separation Membranes

Hydrogen and helium concentration, removal of unwanted components from hydrocarbon gases.

Adsorbents for Gas Separation and Treatment

For nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium units, to dry air and hydrocarbon gases.

General Application

Nitrogen Firefighting OpenHide

Gaseous nitrogen generation from air is one of the mainstreams in gas separation and production through the use of membrane technology. Nitrogen, which is chemically inert gas, fails to support combustion of any hydrocarbon substances.

The functional concept of gas firefighting units is to create indoor environment of less than 10% oxygen where combustion process becomes impossible.

Gas firefighting units are not only very efficient - they are capable of extinguishing fire in a few seconds, regardless of how far the fire source is - but they are also of service-strong and low-maintenance kind. In many applications these units are the only type of equipment suitable for fighting hard-to-reach fires, such as in mines. What is more, Grasys firefighting units are useful in supporting constant inert atmosphere composition in buildings.

These and other unique qualities contribute to ever-increasing recognition and spread of the units in different branches of human activities. The combination of the recent scientific results and vast experience of the company's specialists provides the Grasys firefighting units with a variety of obvious advantages, such as:

  • No damage caused to equipment
  • As a result of firefighting using a nitrogen unit, no damage is caused to valuable equipment, unlike foam and water fire extinguishing systems.

  • 3D fire fighting
  • Nitrogen firefighting units ensure 3D fire extinguishing. The efficiency of firefighting is unaffected by the fire source inaccessibility.

  • Permanent inertia
  • The firefighting unit design permits its use for supporting constant fire and safety atmospheric composition.

  • Available container configuration
  • The nitrogen firefighting unit can be made in container version, skid-mounted or based on chassis.

  • Full automation
  • In the event of a fire, nitrogen from the receiver is automatically supplied to the room or process tank where the fire has started.

  • Easy to operate
  • The units are very easy to operate with no service required. Firefighting and further receiver filling with nitrogen are unmanned operations.

  • No refueling required
  • Unlike conventional firefighting systems, refueling is not applicable to Grasys firefighting units. If nitrogen is used for firefighting or process requirements, the unit makes up for nitrogen reserves.

  • Ecological cleanliness
  • Nitrogen is an environmentally-green gas, so the use of nitrogen firefighting units causes no adverse environmental impact.

  • Low operating costs
  • Nitrogen is an effective fire-suppressant gas produced by the plant from normal ambient air as a result of which operating costs appear to be very low.

The firefighting unit design permits its use for supporting constant atmospheric composition with a certain allowable oxygen concentration in a room or a tank. This renders possible to ensure practically complete fire and explosion safety since combustion of the vast majority of substances becomes impossible in the environment with oxygen content less than 10%. Furthermore, nitrogen produced by the unit can be used to purge process volumes, in that case it is automatically made up for in the receiver.

Nitrogen to Ensure Fire and Explosion SafetyOpenHide

Nitrogen is the top requested gas for ensuring explosion and fire safety in various industries ranging from food to nuclear. As an inert gas nitrogen enables to displace oxygen and avoid the oxidation reaction when being supplied to the process volume.

Combustion is a rapid oxidation reaction, which is due to the oxygen presence in the atmosphere, as well as an available ignition source such as a spark, electric arc, chemical reaction followed by substantial release of heat. To prevent inflammation this reaction has to be prevented.

In environment with nitrogen concentration of about 90% the combustion process becomes impossible. Therefore, permanent-type nitrogen units and mobile nitrogen plants manufactured by Grasys and designed to produce nitrogen ranging from 5 to 5000 m³/h are capable of effective fire prevention and firefighting when required.

Grasys nitrogen units and plants are in widespread use to ensure explosion and fire safety during transportation, transshipment, storage of hydrocarbons and explosive chemicals. Nitrogen is most often used to purge process equipment, tanks, pipelines, as well as to develop nitrogen blanket.

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