Oxygen plants and stations

Highly efficient plants for oxygen production from atmospheric air and filling in oxygen cylinders. Grasys offers its customer the advanced serial adsorption oxygen plants AKC as well as adsorption plants custom-designed in accordance with individual technical assignments.

Oxygen purity — up to 99%, production capacity — up to 3,000 nm³/hr.

Fully automated membrane plants for air oxygenation. Grasys produces high-efficiency system for oxygen production from air on the basis of membrane technology. Membrane oxygen plants allow producing oxygen with the purity of up to 45%; the application of these systems is considered extremely economically expedient.

Oxygen purity — up to 45%, production capacity — up to 10,000 nm³/hr.

Grasys offers its customers serial adsorption oxygen plants for cylinders filling, as well as custom-designed plants based on customer technical specifications. The plant capacity ranges within 20 to 1000 cylinders per day with the product oxygen purity up to 99%.

Oxygen purity — up to 95%, production capacity — up to 250 nm³/hr.

Transportable stations built with the use of high-quality component parts of the world leading producers. Grasys oxygen stations allow deploying full-scale oxygen production with on-site oxygen injection in cylinders.

Oxygen purity — up to 99%, production capacity — up to 25 nm³/hr.

The new lineup of medical oxygen equipment for medical treatment facilities! The oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER rated for various capacity allow producing oxygen from atmospheric air and ensure its uninterrupted delivery eliminating dependence on regular oxygen purchase.

Oxygen purity — up to 95% with the optional system for final treatment up to 99%.

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