Medical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER

Grasys offers the ready-to-operate systems for medical-grade oxygen supply. The oxygen concentrator OXYPOWER was developed specially for use in medical treatment facilities with an unlimited consumption volume.

The oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER of various capacity rates allow producing oxygen from atmospheric air and ensure its uninterrupted delivery eliminating dependence on regular oxygen purchase. The product oxygen purity is 95% and may be brought up to 99% due to the final treatment system (optional).

At customer request in view of the specific medical facility requirements, the oxygen concentrator OXYPOWER may be provided in a containerized version. 

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Medical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWERMedical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWERMedical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWERMedical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWERMedical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWERMedical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER
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  • Self-contained medical oxygen production by the immediate consumer
  • Complete independence of regular oxygen purchase and transportation
  • Safety
  • High capacity, reliability and improved product oxygen purity (up to 99%)
  • Full automation and simple operation
  • Quick startup and shutdown
  • Individual development of oxygen supply projects based on medical facility requirements (including «turn-key» projects)
  • Optional containerized design of the medical oxygen production system for container installation at any convenient place outside the medical facility


The extensive Grasys experience in the field of air and gas separation and the scientific research and testing enabled us to create the unique oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER to resolve the medical oxygen supply issues.

Grasys produces medical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER on the basis of the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. The operating principle is based on the ability of the adsorbing materials to selectively adsorb molecules of nitrogen and impurity gases contained in the atmospheric air while letting pass oxygen molecules. All adsorbents used in oxygen concentrators undergo examination and certification in Russia to guarantee system operation reliability and high product quality.

Grasys produces a broad lineup of medical concentrators for oxygen production — from smaller plants to systems designed for high-pressure oxygen reserve generation for storage in cylinders.

Besides, Grasys offers ready-for-use medical oxygen supply systems installed in container, which is equipped with all necessary auxiliaries. The containerized station may be installed in any convenient place outside the medical facility without any preparation for commissioning.

Grasys also offers comprehensive maintenance services: consultancy, front-end engineering, design, manufacture, qualified installation, commission, warranty and post-warranty maintenance. The Company has all necessary permitting documentation and certificates.

General technical characteristics of medical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER

Parameter Value
Oxygen concentration, % up to 95 with optional final treatment up to 99
Oxygen pressure without booster compressor, atm 4—5
Compressed air inlet pressure, atm 7,5—8,5
Dew point, °С +3…+5
Supply voltage 220V 50Hz
Ambient temperature during operation, °С +5…+35
Warm-up time, min 10—15
Overhaul life, hr 100 000

Product range of medical oxygen concentrators OXYPOWER

Capacity, l/min
10 13 16 60 116 230 300 583 750 1200 1550 1930
  1. Oxygen concentration, %– up to 95.
  2. The capacity is referenced to the normal conditions (t = 20 °C, P = 1 atm).
  3. Guaranteed basic parameters.

Control system

The up-to-date intelligent monitoring and control system guarantees the ultimately simplified and convenient control of the Grasys oxygen concentrator.

The monitoring and control system ensures

  • Complete control of performance of all concentrator systems
  • Oxygen purity monitoring, СО and СО2 concentration tracking with data record and review
  • Wide range of additional options, including remote access, data transfer to any device, Ethernet based communication with service center.

Medical oxygen production with the concentrator OXYPOWER is fully automated. Due to the use of the state-of-the-art control system with the touch-screen self-diagnostics functions, the daily plant operation procedure is very simple, convenient and easy to understand. The basic maintenance is limited to ensuring air supply to the compressor and regular filters replacement.


  • Oxygen source for patients requiring oxygen therapy
  • Oxygen source for the anesthetic machine
  • Various medical and preventive procedures
  • Breathing with pure oxygen where recommended
  • Other applications where medical-grade oxygen is required
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