Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15

Grasys offers its customers the advanced commercial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15.

AKC-15 is a transportable new-generation station allowing production of up to 100 oxygen cylinders per day with the oxygen production capacity reaching 25 Nm³/h.

The oxygen station deploys the full cycle of 99% oxygen production and injection in cylinders pressurized to 150 atm being compact and easily transportable. The only utility required for station operation is 380V power supply. The station warm-up period is only 20 minutes.

All equipment is installed in a standard container with the dimensions of 2500×2500×6000mm. The container is equipped with the positive ventilation system and heating system, as well as the common monitoring and control unit. Operation of the oxygen station is made ultimately convenient and simplified.

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Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15Serial adsorption oxygen stations AKC-15
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Grasys oxygen plants utilize the widely recognized PSA (pressure swing adsorption) and VPSA (vacuum pressure swing adsorption) technologies. The plant operating principle is based on the adsorbing materials capacity to selectively adsorb molecules of nitrogen and impurity gases contained in the atmospheric air, and allow freely passing oxygen molecules. All adsorbents used in the oxygen generators undergo certification and inspection in Russia to guarantee reliable systems operation and the high product quality.

The use of air separation adsorption oxygen plants allows multiply reducing the cost of oxygen produced. An undoubted advantage of these systems, apart from economic efficiency, is their simple operation and maintenance, as well as the high degree of reliability.

The array of oxygen plants application is extremely broad including the tasks of autogenous oxygen recovery (apart from automatic metal cutting); besides, oxygen generators find use in silicate, pulp-and-paper, food, and pharmaceutical industries, fish farming, waste water treatment and ozonation plants feeding, incineration of solid wastes and medicine.

Grasys offers an extended lineup of air separation plants for oxygen production, ranging from relatively small mobile plants designed for metal cutting and welding through to systems designed for deployment of the oxygen injection cycle as part of oxygen production with the use of standard oxygen cylinders and oxygen pressure of 150 atm.

Basic technical characteristics of mobile oxygen stations

Parameter Value
Oxygen parameters at the plant output
  • oxygen purity, %
up to 95-99
  • capacity, nm³/hr(1)
up to 40
  • capacity, oxygen cylinders per day(2)
up to 160
  • pressure, atmg
up to 150
  • dew point, °C
Ambient air temperature
  • during operation, °C
  • during storage, °C
Power consumption, kW 30
Warm-up period, max, minutes 20
Station operational life, thous. hours 120
  1. The capacity is referenced to the standard conditions (t = 20 °C, P = 1 atm).
  2. 40 linter oxygen cylinders under 150 atm

Permit documentation

ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.НХ37.В.00753/20 Download PDF; 295,13 KB
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