GRASYS took part in the 11th International Specialized Exhibition “Mioge 2011”

27 June 2011

GRASYS took part in the 11th International Specialized Exhibition for the oil and gas complex “Mioge 2011” held on June 21–24 in Moscow in the Expocenter exhibition center in Krasnaya Presnya.

At its stand, the company displayed its nitrogen membrane station in the MVA series manufactured for OJSC Gazprom, the adsorption oxygen generator with purifier (the guaranteed oxygen purity is 95%) and the modular nitrogen generator Nitropower characterized by the outmost efficiency as to air consumption.

This was also the first presentation by the company of its unique membrane hydrocarbon modules for APG treatment and hydrocarbon gases separation.

The exhibit items aroused keen interest among stand visitors, especially the CarboPEEK membrane modules used by GRASYS at APG treatment facilities in operation and under construction. Due to their cost efficiency combined with necessary longevity, CarboPEEK membranes are successfully used for industrial purposes (natural and associated petroleum gas treatment) and under operating conditions rendering impossible the use of other type polymer membranes. Furthermore, this membrane gas separation technology has a modular structure, which allows expanding or modifying operated systems without much cost and promptly responding to feedstock changes over the field life cycle.

GRASYS took part in the 11th International Specialized Exhibition “Mioge 2011”

The topic of natural and APG treatment was the subject matter of the GRASYS traditional workshop, which this year took place as part of the exhibition Technical Program.

The workshop highlighted the experience of commercial operation of the first APG treatment membrane plant in Russia (at Novoukrainskaya CS) and touched upon the issues of GRASYS technology application for various tasks of natural and associated petroleum gas treatment.

The workshop was a success. The topic of associated petroleum gas disposal is extremely relevant at present, and GRASYS innovative developments in this area sparked great interest. The contributors were assailed with questions, and lively discussion continued after the contribution.

GRASYS took part in the 11th International Specialized Exhibition “Mioge 2011”

Following the workshop, the participants were invited to the GRASYS stand for a cocktail livened with a jazz band.

In 2011, the company first participated in the 9th Russian Oil & Gas Congress — the Russia’s leading international forum involving the majors of the oil and gas industry. The company Director General Potekhin S.v. and the head of the Foreign Economic Activities Department Yudkevich v. YU. delivered a report on the company recent achievements.

We are thanking all the visitors at the GRASYS stand and the workshop participants for their interest shown with regard to the GRASYS products, the exciting discussion and the active participation in the workshop activities.

We are looking forward to see you at the next exhibition “Oil & Gas” and the forthcoming exhibitions with the participation of GRASYS:

  1. September 20–23, Tumen. “Oil and Gas. Fuel & Energy Complex”
  2. October 4–6, Krasnodar. “IDES-2011”. Section “Gas Russia”.
  3. October 5–8, Almaty, Kazakhstan. “Kioge-2011”
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