GRASYS has supplied a mobile oxygen station to Emirlik HO

14 November 2011

As part of a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied to Emirlik HO a mobile station for oxygen production and injection in cylinders. The station has a capacity of 15 cubic meters of 95% oxygen per hour. The oxygen produced is used for metal cutting and welding. The mobile station is operated in Dashaguze, Turkmenistan.

GRASYS has supplied a mobile oxygen station to Emirlik  HO

The station is installed in a standard 2500×2500×6000mm block-container and therefore may easily be truck-mounted and delivered to the required work location.

The station container is equipped with the positive ventilation and heating system. This allows conveniently operating the stations in various climatic zones. No special foundation is required for station installation. The only necessary feature is the 380V power supply, with no other utilities required for oxygen production.

The undoubted advantage of GRASYS oxygen stations is the short startup and shutdown period taking no more than 10 minutes. This prompt ramp-up enables the customer to produce oxygen on an as-needed basis. This is a huge benefit as compared with cryogenic plants required to operate continuously.

The station control is automated to the maximum possible degree and is exercised with the use of the state-of-the-art GRASYS intelligent control system Intelligent Control-7.

GRASYS mobile stations designed for oxygen production in cylinders filling have the following significant advantages:

  • Quick cylinder oxygen production deployment
  • Advanced oxygen generator, adsorbent with improved characteristics
  • Highly reliable imported compressors with the operational life exciding that of Russian counterparts
  • High degree of safety
  • Up-to-date ventilation and heating system
  • Low operating costs
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