NITROPOWER nitrogen generators are supplied to a Green Parrot company

21 May 2013

The Research and Production Company Grasys completed the supply of the two NITROPOWER nitrogen generators in the Standart configuration for the Russia-based large-scale high-tech producer of packed roasted sunflower seeds. The brand is the holder of multiple awards, the latest of which has become the Best Year Product.

NITROPOWER nitrogen generator

NITROPOWER nitrogen generator in the Standart configuration

The nitrogen produced by the NITROPOWER generators will be used for maintenance of inert environment during roasted sunflower seeds packing. The capacity of each NITROPOWER generator is rated at 18.7 cubic meters per hour of 99.9% product nitrogen. The facilities were additionally equipped with air filters.

The selection of the Grasys equipment was not accidental: previously, the company had the experience of cooperating with the Customer in 2006. With the expansion in the production facilities, the requirement for nitrogen grew accordingly and drove the decision to buy the new higher-capacity NITROPOWER generators.

All activities associated with equipment installation and commissioning were carried out by the Customer with attendance by the Grasys staff. The Customer highlights that the generators are simple in startup and operation.

NITROPOWER nitrogen generator

NITROPOWER nitrogen generator in the Standart configuration

The Standart package was custom-designed to include the optimal set of the required equipment at the optimally low prices.

The standart control system with the built-in gas analyzer board ensures control of the following parameters: product gas pressure, adsorber pressure, total running hours, residual oxygen concentration in product gas.

The low-capacity adsorption nitrogen generators NITROPOWER are widely used for accomplishment of various tasks:

  • Packing food products in inert environment: nuts, dry fruit, cheese etc.
  • Extension of the shelf life of garden produce
  • Wine and juice bottling
  • Laser metal cutting
  • Welding, brazing
  • Manufacture of semi-conductors
  • Generation of inert environment in microelectronics

The NITROPOWER nitrogen generators are offered in three versions: basic, standart and premium, each with its own configuration and set of additional options. This allows the Customers to pay only for what is required while enjoying invariably high quality.

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