Kazakh companies choose RPC Grasys equipment

6 August 2013

The research and production company Grasys supplied a membrane nitrogen station for the Kazakh company Olzha. JS Olzha is one of the five largest companies owning the fleet of specialized railway carriages in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The nitrogen produced by the station will be used for degassing rail tank cars carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The critical operation of removing LPG residues from tank cars before repair or filling requires failsafe operation of inert gas production equipment. That is why the Customer decided on the membrane nitrogen stations designed and manufactured by RPC Grasys considering their excellent track records at various CIS based enterprises.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan Grasys equipment is being successfully operated by the largest national oil and gas companies and becoming increasingly popular with Kazakh companies choosing the RPC Grasys membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen production.

Of special interest among our neighbors are membrane plants for natural and associated petroleum gas treatment, where RPC Grasys leads both the CIS and global market. The membrane technology capabilities for natural and associated petroleum gas treatment delivered by Grasys were demonstrated to Kazakh companies at the recent «Oil & Gas 2013» exhibition in Moscow. The company also displayed for public view the nitrogen station manufactured for JS Olzha, the high quality of which could be assessed by delegations from Kazakhstan, Iran, Russia and other countries.

You are welcome to view the video of the «Oil & Gas 2013» exhibition featuring the Grasys membrane nitrogen station at http://youtu.be/ykhnl2n8b7I.

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