Grasys membrane plant to support petroleum gas conditioning for Rosneft

11 September 2013

As part of the Rosneft program for gas conditioning up to the pipeline parameters of the Gazprom unified gas transportation system, the membrane gas treatment plant of Grasys was selected for operation in the Krasnodar Territory, which is expected to come on stream in 2014.

The membrane plant is designed for production of dry stripped gas (DSG) ensuring compliance with the STO Gazprom 089–2010 requirements through preferential selection on the polymer membrane of the compressed gas mixture from the Smolenskaya and Klyuchevaya groups of the RN-Krasnodar fields.

The project specifics is associated with the conditions warranting significant changes in the gas flow. The Grasys plant is easily adaptable to gas flow variations within 30 to 100%. The specialists of the Grasys Engineering Center offered a high-tech solution allowing for complete disposal of gas treatment products.

Continuous control of the gas treatment quality at the Grasys equipment is carried out by the advanced dew point analyzer for water and hydrocarbons installed in the treated gas line at the plant output.

The plant combines the Grasys best experience in design, testing, invention and operation of various type membrane plants and stations dedicated for conditioning of natural and associated petroleum gases», underlined the Deputy Head of the Hydrocarbon Projects Department of Grasys Dmitry Solodov.

Summary of Grasys:

The Russian research and production company (RPC) Grasys is the leading developer, producer and ЕРСМ contractor in the field of air and gas separation in CIS and Eastern Europe.

The RPC Grasys main areas of activity are:

  • Development and production of air separation and gas separation equipment;
  • Natural and associated petroleum gas treatment, associated petroleum gas (APG) disposal;
  • Engineering and design;
  • Performance of integrated «turn-key» projects (EPC and EPCM contracts) with a focus on air and gas separation, APG disposal and natural gas treatment.

To date, Grasys has implemented more than 735 projects for 350 companies with global reputation. With its in-house up-to-date production site, the company holds industrial tests of its new technological solutions for membrane and adsorption gas separation and carries out intensive research activities in various fields of gas separation and treatment.

The company is a holder of patents for inventions and utility models in the field of technical gases production with various methods.

One of the most important results of the Grasys R&D program is the creation of a new globally unrivalled membrane technology for hydrocarbon gases separation based on the CarboPEEK™ hollow-fiber membrane used for natural and associated gas treatment, purification and drying at production facilities.

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