Grasys invents new fail-safe automated control systems with hardware redundancy

17 September 2013

To support a large-scale project of adsorption nitrogen plant manufacture, the specialists of the Grasys Engineering Center designed a new fail-safe Siemens PCS-7 based distributed control system (DCS) with hardware redundancy configured with S7-400H controllers and IPC workstations to be integrated in the refinery APCS.

The solution developed in the Grasys Engineering Center is aimed for control of the adsorption plant at a large continuous-process refinery and assurance of enhanced safety in terms of industrial hazards. The proposed distributed architecture of the control system is expected to eliminate process halts arising through single failures in the system components.

The control system offered by the Grasys specialists is the most integrated modern-day APCS type optimally suiting oil industry facilities with tougher requirements for reliability. The experience of implementing this system will help strengthen our positions in design and integration of up-to-date APCSs for adoption in company know-hows, as well as in industrial technological processes of any degree of complexity.

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