Grasys has completed the first stage of project implementation for South Stream gas pipeline

5 December 2013

The research and production company Grasys has completed the design of the nitrogen and air compressor stations for the South Stream project of Gazprom OJSC. The project is being implemented is close cooperation with a leading Italian engineering company.

The specialists of Grasys Research and Development Department offered a unique technical solution allowing production of nitrogen and air within the explosion hazardous area of the Gas Conditioning Plant at of the South Stream project locations. Air intake in the Grasys station will be arranged at a height of 7 meters to avoid presence of explosive mixtures and ensure equipment integrity.

The South Stream project will allow Russia retaining its leading position in the European gas market, which becomes even more relevance considering the prospect of competing Caspian gas supplies. The Southern Stream together with the Northern Stream will reach the aggregate transit capacity of 117 billion gas cubic meters. Among the major stakeholders of the Southern Stream project are the world leading companies of the fuel and energy complex: Gazprom, Entered into, EDF Group, Wintershall AG and others.

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