Grasys nitrogen station involved in development of East Dome at North Urengoi Field

14 January 2014

RPC Grasys will supply a membrane nitrogen station for the condensate deethanization unit of Northgas CJSC at the North Urengoi field. The nitrogen station is planned to be commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2014.

The technical solution offered by the Grasys Research Department is based on the membrane gas separation technology with the use of last-generation hollow fiber nanocomposite membranes.

The upgraded control system Grasys Intelligent Control-7 Version 3.0 was developed by Grasys especially for the project, including the extended adjustment and service functionality and the new common automatic control system interface, to help reduce the time and labor costs and improve the system adaptability to all Customer technological solutions.

Northgas CJSC is implementing the production expansion program for 2013–2014. The project envisages active development of infrastructure in the East Dome of the North Urengoi field.

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