Electronics manufacturing with nitrogen helps improve productivity!

4 March 2014

The Nitropower nitrogen generator based adsorption plant of RPC Grasys was supplied to the Russian innovative enterprise Chipcontact LLC specializing in contract manufacturing of electronics.

The conditions necessary for optimal electronic circuitry brazing exclude the presence of oxygen; this is why the process is based on nitrogen. Chipcontact LLC chose the equipment of RPC Grasys due to its unrivaled performance, high quality and company's extensive experience in the air and gas separation market.

The specifications of the Nitropower nitrogen generator may vary depending on the process tasks: capacity — from 3 to 90 cubic meters per hour, nitrogen purity — up to 99.999%.

The generators are equipped with pressure gauges to measure the adsorber pressure, an inbuilt gas analyzer board and a flow meter. RPC Grasys manufactures generators in accordance with the Customer's engineering assignment and where necessary provides the required component parts and comprehensive post-warranty maintenance services. The equipment is fitted out with the advanced control system with self-diagnostics and integration into the plant-wise APCS.

Electronics manufacturing with nitrogen helps improve productivity!
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