Grasys announces its entrance to compressor equipment market

31 March 2014

The research and production company Grasys enters the Russian compressor equipment market under its corporate brand. Since April, 2014 the company has been involved in-house production of compressors at the Stupino industrial site.

«Air treatment is the most important market segment to Grasys and the deployment of in-house production is another stage of our business development. Over the 13 years of projects implementation in the air and gas separation market, we have accumulated sufficient experience to offer our customers the most advanced equipment," comments on the news Sergey Vladimirovich Potekhin, Director General of RPC Grasys.

Grasys will produce a wide lineup of compressor equipment in various modifications with the extended range of options. The equipment production will be optimized through the use of component parts of the world’s leading producers, including GHH-RAND, ROTORCOMP and AERZEN screw pairs and flexible assembly lines, together with multi-stage quality control.

This is not a public offer