Grasys adsorption unit provide Kazansky Zhirovoy Kombinat with nitrogen

20 June 2014

The large production complex, one of the major players in the RF oil and fat industry, comprised by the NEFIS COSMETICS Group operates a nitrogen plant of Grasys based on a modern generator Nitropower. Among the company’s products are such well-known brands as Mr. Ricco, Laska, Provansal, Wonder Seed, Miladora, PROfood and others.

The Nitropower adsorption nitrogen generator of RPC Grasys will be providing the plant with 99% nitrogen intended for packaging of products on the automatic process line producing Mr. Ricco products.

Among the benefits of this type of equipment is the opportunity to increase the capacity. Based on the company’s data, Kazan Fat Plant is currently capable to produce 90.6 thousand tons of vegetable fat mayonnaise and sauces, and the output keeps growing. Where necessary the capacity of the Nitropower generator may easily be increased due to its modular design.

Nitropower generators are successfully run by the leading enterprises of the food industry: Pepsi, Mars, Unilever, Chibo, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Lebedyansky Cannery, Sun Products, Rusagro, EFCO Group, Royal Canin, Paulig Group etc.

One of the key challenges facing the food industry is the extension of the products' shelf life supported by the use of nitrogen — the inert gas used for displacement of oxygen and water vapors to prevent oxidation of products.

Grasys adsorption unit provide Kazansky Zhirovoy Kombinat with nitrogen
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