Nitropower generator is successfully operated at Kazan Fat Plant

15 September 2014

The vegetable oil producer Kazan Fat Plant OJSC comprising the Nefis Group successfully operates the Nitropower generator. The product nitrogen is added while oil bottling to support the vegetable oil inerting process. The nitrogen addition protects the oil from oxidizing without reacting with it and this way extends the oil shelf life.

Kazan Fat Plant OJSC is the advanced complex for production of oil and fat products: mayonnaise, bottled vegetable oil, sauces and ketchups. Among the company's brands are: Mr.Ricco, Laska, Miladora, Tomaccio etc.

The rated capacity of the generator is 30 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour. The nitrogen purity meets the applicable standard and reaches 99%.

The Nitropower compact low-capacity commercial generators are operated at various food production facilities. The nitrogen is used for bottling wine, juice, vegetable oil and packing nuts, dry fruit, sunflower seeds, coffee and other food products in order to extend their shelf life.

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