Mobile station of Grasys produces oxygen for construction and installation works in Sakha

25 February 2015

The mobile oxygen station of Grasys provides up to 100 cylinders of 95% oxygen per day to be used in the performance of construction and installation works in Yakutsk.

The oxygen station is supplied ready for oxygen production and requires a minimum startup period — up to 20 minutes. The container accommodating the main process equipment of the station is provided with the forced ventilation and space heating system. This allows comfortably operating the station in various climatic zones.

The station is equipped with the intelligent control and monitoring system Grasys Intelligent Control-7, which guarantees the simplest and most comfortable way to produce oxygen in cylinders.

The control and monitoring system Grasys Intelligent Control-7 ensure:

  • Full control of operation of all station systems
  • Safety interlocks for overrunning the threshold limits of process parameters
  • Switching the generator into standby mode in case of zero oxygen demand
This is not a public offer