Fire fighting nitrogen station with high-voltage drive is supplied to SUEK-Kuzbass

27 June 2016

Grasys has manufactured and launched a nitrogen fire fighting station with high voltage drive for SUEK-Kuzbass JSC. The facility is designed to extinguish fires in the underground areas of the mines using nitrogen or nitrogen-containing foam. The capacity of the station is 700 cubic meters of 99% nitrogen; the pressure is up to 20 bars.

The fire fighting system consists of the two units: a compressor-based nitrogen unit made by Grasys and completed with a high voltage motor, and a foam generating unit designed and manufactured specifically for SUEK-Kuzbass.

This fire fighting station is Grasys' innovative project in the field of high voltage power supply. For this, Grasys' specialists developed and fabricated a customized and compact KTP-160/6/0.4 packaged transformer substation meeting the customer's special requirements in terms of 6kV power supply without sacrificing the station's mobility as a whole.

A number of unique components were developed and approved during the design engineering:

  • the easy connection unit allowing to promptly connect to the customer's high voltage 6kV network without additional setting of protection devices;
  • the high voltage cable routing system operating within the station's battery limits.

The equipment of the packaged transformer substation includes: high voltage cell to control high voltage drive; high voltage cell to connect power transformer; power transformer TMG 160/6/0.4; 6kV connection unit, and ASP.

The acceptance and testing procedure for high voltage mobile hardware was specially developed and effectively implemented to ensure competent installation supervision and commissioning of the fire fighting station with 100% guarantee of reliability and quality of the design engineering solutions.

For reference:
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) is one of the world's major coal mining companies and the largest coal producer in Russia. In 2015, SUEK accounts for more than 26% of the domestic coal output (97.8 MTPA), about 34% of Russia's coal exports and 5% of the global coal exports.

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