Experts of the JSC “Grasys” participated an alignment meeting «Optimization of oil gathering, treatment and transportation systems. Utilization of associated petroleum gas-2017»

14 November 2017

Director of the Hydrocaron Projects Department Mr. Dmitry Solodov and Head of Hydrocarbon Group at the Scientific and Technological Department Mr. Alexander Kotenko took part in the alignment meeting «Optimization of oil gathering, treatment and transportation systems. Utilization of associated petroleum gas-2017». The meeting was held on October 10 to 12 in Kazan, the venue was hosted by the magazine «Ingenernaya Practica (Engineering Practices)» and Setevye Gruppy Systemy Upravleniya Znaniyami (Network Groups of the Knowledge Management System) at the PAO «LUKOIL».

Objective of the annual meeting is sharing experience and analysis of introduction of new technologies, equipment and chemicals in use of oil, gas and water gathering, treatment and transportation systems, as well as in utilization of associated petroleum gas.

Director for Hydrocaron Projects Mr. Dmitry Solodov made a presentation «High-performance technologies of hydrocarbon gas treatment from the JSC «Grasys».

Presentations were made at the meeting on a wide range of issues. Among the most topical issues presentations were made on application of innovative technologies for efficiency improvement of oil gathering and treatment systems, innovations in separation, presentations on enhancement of efficiency of oil treatment technologies.

Special attention at the event was paid to such topics as reduction of sulphur content in oil; enhancement of tank water treatment prior to downhole injection, new demulsification technologies for stable oil-water emulsions, treatment and transportation of oil high in asphalts, resins, and paraffins.

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