Launch of the Grasys nitrogen plant at the commercial oil processing and gas condensate production

25 March 2019

The experts of Research and Production Company Grasys have put into operation a nitrogen membrane plant at the petroleum solvents and C process-type fuel enterprise.

Equipment with a capacity of 42 m³/h with a nitrogen purity of 99% and a pressure of 15 MPa (150 bar) is used to produce nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is used in the processing of commercial oil and gas condensate, for pipelines and tanks blow-down, creation of an inert cushion in reservoirs.

Thanks to our own technical support engineer, the starting date for commissioning and start up is 3 days from the date of receipt of the notification from the buyer. Subsequently, the Customer’s experts may receive training on  the operation and maintenance of equipment at the Grasys Training Center or at their own territory.

This is not a public offer