Participation in the industry conferences held in St. Petersburg has been finalized

10 April 2024

Vladimir Palagutin, Grasys’ Commercial Director, participated in industry conferences staged for the petrochemical sector in St. Petersburg:

  • Oil refining 2024: Conference and exhibition on oil refining: projects, technologies, equipment, catalysts. April 2 - 3, 2024.
  • Petrochemistry 2024: Conference and exhibition on petrochemistry: projects, technologies, equipment, catalysts. April 4 - 5, 2024.

The executives of gas, chemical and petrochemical companies, design offices, equipment vendors, technology suppliers were among participants of the conferences. The specialists presented their current and future-oriented investment projects for development and upgrade, challenges arising upon such implementation and expectations; presented equipment, latest technologies and solutions.

Vladimir Palagutin being in charge of supervising the implementation of EPC-projects for oil, gas and petrochemical corporations, delivered a report and shared experience gained in implementing complete projects for hydrogen production and purification: steam reforming, pressure swing adsorption, membrane hydrogen concentration.

In line with the work program, business meetings, negotiations, and engineering advice were hosted.

News date:  10.04.2024 11:35:00

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