GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen plant for CJSC NakalProm

13 May 2009

GRASYS has supplied an adsorption nitrogen plant AdA-0.010 for CJSC NakalProm — the designer and manufacturer of electric furnaces for all types thermal treatment. The adsorption nitrogen plant shall be used to ensure compliance with the production process requirements.

One of the critical advantages of GRASYS adsorption nitrogen plants is their operation and maintenance simplicity. Due to complete automation, the plant does not require constant control during operation. Among other advantages of AdA plants is the short warm-up period and moderate dimension and weight characteristics.

The supplied adsorption plant is designed to produce high-purity 99.99% nitrogen at 7.5 nmі/hr. The AdA-0.010 plant consists of a gas separation unit, air purification unit and the plant control system.

The plants are manufactured with the adoption of up-to-date technologies ensuring high quality and reliability of the equipment. The plants are designated for indoor installation in enclosed space and provided in the UKHL 4.1 climatic version.

The adsorption nitrogen plants support a broad range of applications, especially those requiring nitrogen with a fairly high purity. The plants find use in chemical, petrochemical, petroleum industries as well as in food industry, pharmaceutics, microelectronics etc.

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