Grasys offers the most optimal way of gas supply – equipment for the production of technical gases on site. The main technical solutions developed at Grasys are optimized taking into account the individual requirements of the customer and the current regulatory norms.

The proposed scheme for the supply of air and gas separation equipment is as follows: Grasys designs, manufactures, launches the installation on the customer's territory, provides service services, and, if necessary, takes over the training of employees.

Target product Separated mixture Product mixture Technology
Nitrogen Air, N2 — 79% 90—99% N2, up to 10,000 nm³/hr Membrane
99—99.5% N2, up to 5,000 nm³/hr
99.5—99.95% N2, up to 2,000 nm³/hr
99.5—99.999% N2, up to 5,000 nm³/hr Adsorption PSA
99.9—99.9999% N2, up to 90,000 nm³/hr Cryogenic
Oxygen Air, O2 — 21% 23—45% O2, up to 5,000 nm³/hr Membrane
93—95% O2, up to 500 nm³/hr Adsorption PSA
93—95% O2, 500 to 3,000 nm³/hr Adsorption FPSA
97—99.9% O2, up to 30,000 nm³/hr Cryogenic
Dry gas Gas,
relative humidity 100%
Dewpoint – up to −40 °C, up to 100 nm³/hr Membrane
Dewpoint – up to −70 °C, up to 10,000 nm³/hr Adsorption
Natural gas Natural gas,
relative humidity 100%
Dewpoint – up to −60 °C, up to 1,000 nm³/hr Membrane
Hydrogen 25—70% H2 до 99.9% H2
25—99.99% H2 до 99.9995% H2 Adsorption
Methane 25—75% CH4 up to 95% CH4 Membrane
up to 99% ÑH4 Adsorption
(N3+ concentration)
Associated and natural gas Membrane
(H2S and CO2 removal)
Natural gas

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